The best way to review code on your iPad.

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Built for making code reviews fun and easy!

If you ever had to review code, you know how painful it can be. The code-ally app is here to help you remove the pain.

Easy to Use

The code-ally app has been developed with ease of use in mind. You won’t find a code review app that’s as easy to use as code-ally.

iPad app

Instead of sitting at your desk and scrolling through lines and lines of code, just take your iPad and walk through the code smoothly.

Swift & Objective-C

Review all your Swift and Objective-C projects directly on your iPad with the included syntax highlighting and comment engine.

Organise all your code review projects to keep track of your status

Simply select any part of your code to highlight, comment or redact.

Import your code from GitHub, DropBox or from your local machine.